What Miracle enjoys about photography?

Capturing your events go beyond the technical part. You need an artist who can turn your story and those great moments into beautiful, timeless memories—someone who can preserve those irreversible slices of time.

Several emotions will be on display during your event. And as a trained professional, I’ll be on hand to capture the funny, intimate and evocative moments, so they never slip away.

I approach my craft with great delicacy. I try to let every action flow and capture you in your most natural mode. If and when I have to direct a shot, I’ll do with the utmost discreetness and discretion.

I’ll ensure that you and your loved ones are comfortable and relaxed. As a thorough yet friendly professional, my disposition allows us to work together without any difficulty at all. And of course, I will take incredible, natural shots and videos that will preserve the memories of your unique event.

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