What Miracle enjoys about photography?

Capturing your events go beyond the technical part. You need an artist who can turn your story and those great moments into beautiful, timeless memories—someone who can preserve those irreversible slices of time.

Several emotions will be on display during your event. And as a trained professional, I’ll be on hand to capture the funny, intimate and evocative moments, so they never slip away.

I approach my craft with great delicacy. I try to let every action flow and capture you in your most natural mode. If and when I have to direct a shot, I’ll do with the utmost discreetness and discretion.

I’ll ensure that you and your loved ones are comfortable and relaxed. As a thorough yet friendly professional, my disposition allows us to work together without any difficulty at all. And of course, I will take incredible, natural shots and videos that will preserve the memories of your unique event.

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Miracle Babalola

I’m Miracle Babalola, a professional photographer and videographer. I’m also a blogger and content creator. As a raconteur, I will capture the heart, character and story of your event as it happens in an authentic, spontaneous manner. The ultimate goal is to create timeless memories in the form of photographs and videos you will cherish for a lifetime.

Life is continually happening, and events are usually packed with those magnificent moments we wish we could relive again and again. As a trained visual creative, I’m well aware of the significance of a tangible representation of the fleeting, ethereal moments of life. This is why I offer several additional products designed to display your photos in elegant, tasteful manners. I’m referring to frames and albums of different classic designs and materials.

Just so you don’t miss anything, I will try to capture every bit of your event and give you a chance to choose your pick of the lot afterwards.

Whatever the event―private or public, extravagant or low-key―my promise is to capture it in magnificent, unique, enduring photos and videos you can cherish and relish for a lifetime.

What’s more? I can help you create an equally memorable written story about your event―icing on the cake.

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