Confidence Is Beauty.  Beauty Is Power.

(Miracle Babalola, 2019)

Miracle Babalola


I’m Miracle Babalola, an amazing, adventurous fashionista committed to living an authentic life and helping other women do the same. My mission is to share and inspire, to build a community of people who are authentically themselves-honest, true and pure to who they were meant to be.

I believe everyone is unique. Humans are not copies of each other but rather created to be unique and true to the person they are supposed to be. I value authenticity and that is why I strive to be truly authentic to myself at all times, uninfluenced by the perception of others.

Below you have the women who have significantly impact me during my younger years, their words of empowerment forever shaping me to aim for nothing less than extraordinary, on the road to happiness.

Ronke Raji


“Too often, this idea of perfect is pushed so far into our minds that we don’t realize to be human is actually to be imperfect to have flaws and embrace them. Don’t pressure yourself to have flawless skin! Embrace every little pimple, it’s hard but it’s all worth it. I love inspiring women through beauty. Inspiring makeup tutorials that promote self-love.” (Ronke Raji, 2019)

Princess Bella


Bella knowledge on makeup and beauty products and posting content related to those products has given her the title of Social Media Influeuncer. Princess Bella relationship with her audience has established her credibility enabling her to persuade others by virtue of trustworthiness and authenticity. (PRINCESSBELLAAA, 2019)


JTO is far from just a fashion blog. Founded in 2014 by Temi Otedola, Temi was motivated to start blogging by her own personal inspirations. Temi has used JTO as a platform to express her adventures through the arenas of fashion, art, travel and photography. As a Nigerian living and studying in London, Temi fuses her love for both Africa and the West in her style. Temi enjoys travelling and is away on an adventure when she can spare the time, her top destinations including Paris, New York and Milan. (JTO FASHION WEBSITE, 2019)

Ashley Graham


Graham was the first plus-size model to appear in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, by way of a Swimsuits for All ad, and has continued to use her exploding media influence as a platform for positive body image and self-acceptance messages. The 31 year old — represented by IMG — has appeared in covers for American Vogue, Vogue Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Glamour, as well as advertising campaigns for H&M, Bloomingdale’s, Calvin Klein and Marina Rinaldi.

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