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What is your definition of adventure?

Adventure is something you do in the spur of the moment; it’s an exciting experience that is typically bold, and sometimes risky. Adventure is a wild and exciting undertaking. I’m adventurous in areas of Cosmetic Trends, Fashion Trend, Travel and more, continuously researching advancement. Among other things, I investigate key ingredient behind different companies’ makeup product as well as how clothing fabrics, textures and labels affects people’s skin composition.

As a pioneer I strive to encourage people to be more adventurous by self-demonstration, documenting my adventures via photography and videography, a way of taking my audience along in my journey to self-discovery and fulfilment. I interface with my community in a way that inspires the members to take on challenges and be more educated on the best products on the market. I inspire my audience to discover themselves through the beauty of life.

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BLACKPINK – How You Like That (Black Girl REACTION Video) ???

This is a BLACKPINK reaction video on their latest song release How You Like That which has so far racked 130,000,000views on Youtube Alone. The South Korean girl group are the highest-charting female K-pop act on both Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200. Their most recent performance BlackPink showcased their latest song on Jimmy Fallon. How you enjoy this reaction video.

Outfits Link: https://www.depop.com/glowupclub/

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Viral TikTok Makeup Hack Ep2 | Fox Eye Makeup Tutorial | Brown Skin (Bella Hadid Technic)

In this video, I have hired an Asian Bridal Makeup Artist (@laxe.fxe) to share all her tips & tricks and walk you through all the steps on how to re-create the Smokey fox eye makeup trend on dark skin! This latest trend has become very popular on TikTok most recently know as (fox eye makeup tutorial TikTok) this trend has also been featured on celebs such as Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid. This fox eye makeup tutorial for beginners can simple be replicated with these steps shown in this video. Please let me know what other in-depth tutorials you all would like to see in the comment.

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What every woman should have in her closet? Click Image

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What every woman should have in her closet? Click Image

GRWM Quarantine Edition…..to stay in my apartment | Miracle Babalola

Hello! I’m Miracle and I make all types of videos about Makeup, Lifestyle, DIY, Makeup Tutorials, Hauls, Life Hacks, Must Haves, Essentials, Fashion, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Summer, Morning Routines, Night Routines, Back to School, Tasty, Testing Buzzfeed, Expectation vs Reality and so many more! LIKE | FOLLOW | COMMENT | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE |TURN POST NOTIFICATION BELL ON. Thanks for Watching


This video is about PRE-QUARANTINE | BOOZY BRUNCH | LONDON VLOG | BESTIES BIRTHDAY 22 Welcome to the first part of my three-part Hillarious London travel vlog, so be sure to look out for more! I and my bestie spent a full day in London and it was such a whirlwind! There is so much to see in this beautiful historic city and so many cute Instagram places to hit up!! London is a city very dear to my heart, which I always travel when chanced since I was super young and it definitely lived up to my expectations. I can’t wait to go back and explore more and off course take yall along with me! London GRWM Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXRJ0kp4Me4&t=59s Check it out!

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